Get to Know the Success from Anago

Have you wondered what being a franchise owner really means? Franchisees from all walks of life have chosen to start their business with Anago. From the constant support you receive on every level including guaranteed cleaning contracts, Anago has proven to completely care about your success as a small business owner.

Have you been trying to decide whether it’s really worth investing in your own small business? Experience it for yourself, and explore the stories of a few of our franchisees, as they recall their own experiences and how Anago has helped them succeed as commercial janitorial business owners.

Happy Family

Miriam and Jose Perez

Initially, we were looking for a cleaning opportunity where we could be independent and have a long-term relationship with a trustworthy company. However, there were so many options we didn’t know which to choose. Thank god we found Anago. We have been with Anago since 2005. We are still working and they have always have been able to keep us busy for the last 12 years servicing as many as 17 accounts at one time. What we can say about Anago is, it is a trustworthy company which you can be confident in starting a good cleaning business.

Miriam and Jose Perez, Florence, KY (October 2005)

Negusu Jegol-King

Anago is the greatest franchise workplace, especially the office people. They are like your family. My business has grown and it’s going very good.

Negusu Jegol “King”, Cincinnati, OH (June 2007)

Eduardo Castillo

I have been with Anago of Dayton, Ohio for 6 years already, and I had already started my family business before I found out about Anago. But since I have become a part of the Anago family my business is growing almost faster than I can keep up with. Since the reputation of my company has grown throughout the business, my income has more than doubled from when I started. I have had such a positive experience with Anago I have already referred several people I know, and helped them start their own business as well. It is always about working together and helping each other grow. I will continue to recommend Anago of Dayton, Ohio to everyone I know looking to make more of their current company, or to get started with their own. The possibilities are endless.

Eduardo Castillo, Dayton, OH (September 2008)


Al Watts

I initially met with Chuck and Curt and asked what the President does. He said he does the sales and actually gets the contracts for you. At the time I was struggling with finding contracts and I believed it was because of my race. I saw how Curt’s relationship was like with franchisees and I asked him about Anago. Curt took me to look at a potential cleaning client and I was impressed with the way he presented Anago to them. After becoming a franchisee Curt introduced me to cleaning a few contracts, doctor’s offices, and things like that. Since I enjoy doing carpets and floor work more than the regular cleaning, I am now specializing more in one-time job work. I can hire less people, it’s been wonderful. I get to travel around town to places I don’t get to go often. The rest is history.

Al Watts, Newport, KY (February 2009)

Joe Armacost

I have been in the cleaning business off and on for over 20 years. I was with another franchise cleaning company until it ran out of business. Anago has changed my opinion of the franchise cleaning business. Anago is extremely supportive of you and your franchise decisions. The office staff is helpful with questions and concerns you might have. Curt is a great guy and is willing to help you with any problems you may be having, work or personal related. I am looking forward to continuing the partnership I have with Anago for many years to come.

Joe Armacost, Dayton, OH (February 2013)

Alexis Forkuo

The starting of a business is one of the most difficult things that most people go through and that is why a lot of people do not continue with their plans of opening their own business. I would like you all to know that all the problems of starting a business was wiped away when I started my own cleaning business through Anago. I had the opportunity to buy a franchise from Anago of Greater Columbus. From the moment, I walked into the office of Miss Linda Bridges (Regional Director), she was so helpful and willing to walk me through all the necessary steps of a freshly brewed franchisee. After the first stage of legally securing my business license, taking all the classes and finally taking the exams and passing, I found my way to success. I started this business with my partner and with the knowledge and best practices to commercial cleaning I received, I can now proudly say that my business have grown to about 35% of the initial starting point and am still willing to continue growing this business to the highest height. For everyone, we who is willing to start a business with no headaches, I personally advise that you contact Anago of Greater Columbus for the best and smooth process to having your own business while but not being by yourself.

Alexis Forkuo, Columbus, OH