Who is Anago?

Anago Cleaning Systems is based in South Florida and began offering commercial cleaning franchises in 1991. Since then, the Company has become the 5th fastest growing franchise as reported by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2014. Anago of Greater Cincinnati opened July 2005, Anago of Dayton in January 2008, Anago of Indianapolis in September 2014 and Greater Columbus was transferred to us from the Master Franchise in February 2016.

Who are your franchisees?

Some have extensive cleaning backgrounds and have chosen Anago as a way to expand their knowledge and business. Some have dreams of building a family business, while others come to us with no past cleaning history but have an open mind to learn the industry the Anago way while developing their own business.

Why should I purchase a franchise instead of a conventional business?

When you decide to own your own business, you have three options: Start A Business From Scratch, Buy An Existing Business, or Buy A Franchise. In most cases option #1 and #2 can be extremely dangerous for the inexperienced and require a large outlay of cash. Starting a business from scratch or buying someone’s business also has a high degree of risk associated with them. Option #3 Buying a franchise...gives you that “peace of mind” in “What you see is...What you get”; there are “no surprises” down the road. One of the advantages Anago Franchising has to offer is: You can judge your potential success by what people like yourself are earning within our franchise system. An Anago franchise offers you an “even more unique opportunity”. You can start part time and grow into a full time business, or you can begin immediately as a full time business.

What kind of experience do I need?

No previous experience is necessary. Our orientation program will cover everything you need to be successful. It is especially suited for people who have no experience in running a business. Of course, if you already have some business experience in areas such as sales, management, or operations, you can use these skills to help build your new Anago commercial cleaning franchise.

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If I purchase an Anago Franchise can I keep my day job?

Most definitely! Many of our franchisees have kept their regular jobs by choosing our small to mid-level programs. Some have had a spouse or family member keep their job while the other started full time with his new Anago franchise commercial cleaning business. That’s one of the beauties of owning a commercial cleaning franchise; you can use it to supplement your current income and/or work towards full time self employment.

Why should I choose an Anago Commercial Cleaning Franchise?

You should choose an Anago commercial cleaning franchise when you are certain Anago offers you the best deal. Considering everything that goes into our franchise program: local support, low royalty and franchise fees, discounts on equipment/chemicals, unlimited income potential, account expansion opportunities, and so much more we believe Anago is your best option! We know you will see the many benefits of choosing Anago over other franchising opportunities.

How can I gain more accounts?

Anago provides key operations support and marketing support that will guide you to success. We can teach you how to generate new business by having great relationships with your customers and providing quality service to gain key referrals from you customers. We strongly recommend that you secure additional business by using the support and resources Anago provides every franchisee.

Who uses our services?

Anago cleaning clients include many well known companies. We provide our services to a variety of industries and facilities, providing cleaning services and janitorial maintenance for offices, auto dealerships, schools, daycare centers, retail stores, places of worship, medical and health care facilities and the list goes on. Companies such as Cintas, DaVita Dialysis, Highlights for Children, PF Changs, WLWT-5, The BMW Store, GE Credit Union, Outback Steakhouses, etc. all use Anago to provide a clean work environment.

What about financing?

We offer guaranteed financing. All you need to start is a modest down payment and you can finance the balance of your franchise fee. Anago puts the dream of business ownership within your reach. With the various franchise programs starting as low as $2,425 down, we put your investment into furthering your success. Your down payment includes supplies and equipment packages, and get you a thorough orientation into best practices from Anago. Don’t be fooled by companies offering lower down payments. The only one who benefits is them as you are immediately in the “hole” owing them money. Wouldn’t you rather earn money than owe money after doing a month’s worth of hard work?

How do I expand my business as an Anago franchisee?

The options are endless. If you have a knack for sales we will show you our proven method of securing new cleaning contracts. If sales isn’t your ‘cup of tea’ then let our sales force line up the contracts for you and just pay us commission for bringing the business to you. Either way, the choice is yours. You decide whether to accept or decline any new contracts presented to you. It’s your decision whether your business will grow and expand by accepting new contracts. Most importantly, you can expand rapidly with $0 down by adding additional accounts after your initial business package is fulfilled.

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What type of services does Anago offer?

Anago offers daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services with set or custom cleaning specifications and one-time jobs including vinyl, ceramic, concrete, auto scrubbing, construction cleans, window cleaning, and much more. Best of all, we can custom tailor a plan to fit any potential client’s budget and requirements.

Will I get any manuals?

Yes, you will receive manuals on everything from hiring, setting up bank accounts, how to establish a business corporation, how to clean a building, bidding and even sales tools. Being an Anago franchisee means you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Do I need to rent office space or buy a truck?

No, we take care of virtually all of the clerical duties your franchise business requires. This is an ideal home-based opportunity which means there’s no need to rent additional office space. Use a home office to organize your paperwork and your regular vehicle since your cleaning equipment will fit in the trunk. As you grow you will find that you will leave different items behind at accounts while transporting things like a back pack vacuum and your chemicals as you move from account to account.

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)?

The FDD provides prospective franchisees with information about the franchisor, the franchise system and agreements. This enables you to make an informed decision about investing in your franchise. By law, a franchisor cannot sell you a franchise until the franchisor has presented you with an FDD. Anago Cleaning Systems will give you a copy of our FDD immediately following your first meeting with us.

Will I have a flexible schedule as a Franchised Business?

As an independent business owner, you are in charge of your business schedule. Customers will most likely request their service to happen during their off hours – which are usually between the hours of 6:00pm and 5:00am. While consistency is key to keep business growing steadily, you can always work with your customers to balance their needs with yours. Flexibility is always an option.

When is the best time to clean my customer’s facility?

Most customer facilities are cleaned after hours, usually after 6:00pm but before 5:00am.