Benefits of Starting a Cleaning Business in Dayton

Are you looking for an exciting career? Dayton, OH has a lot to offer adventure seekers, foodies, and dedicated professionals. This city is full of drive to get things done, and having fun along the way.  There's a massive opportunity to starting a cleaning business in Dayton for a few reasons. The first reason: you will be working in an industry that is based on the following theme "hard work=more business." The second reason: you will be working in an industry that's recession resilient. And, the third reason: business owners will always need someone to take the pressure of cleaning off of their plate. With Anago, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.


Is Anago right for me?


With Anago it’s easier than ever to start your own business. Call us today to get started!

How Anago Brings Success to Every Franchisee:

  • Complete Orientation on Cleaning Services
  • Proven Business Model for Reference
  • Insurance and Financing Available
  • Administrative and Operational Support
  • Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Equipment and Supplies

Where We're Located

257 Regency Ridge Dr 
Dayton, OH 45459    

Franchise Opportunities Available In

  • Montgomery
  • Clark
  • Greene
  • Miami


5 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Cleaning Business:

  1. See the benefits of your hard work without interference.
  2. Get credit for all of the hard work you put into your business. 
  3. Pick and choose who you work with and what they will do for you.
  4. Create your own work/life balance without relying on pure chance. 
  5. Retain 100% job security that depends only on your hard work.

Why Start Your Future with Anago?

Nothing says success like momentum, and Anago is where momentum comes from. Starting your own business presents the opportunity to thrive on your own terms. And, when you combine the potential of owning your own business with the wisdom and experience of a well established company, you create the unbeatable partnership. When you open a franchise with Anago, we ensure that you will thrive. Anago will meet with you and discuss your options, give you a complete orientation into our best practices, share our time-tested and successful business model to get you started, and provide continuous support every step of the way . 

We do everything in our power to give you the bandwidth to create your own success and become a leader in the cleaning industry.

It's about time you become your own boss. You've put in the hard work. You've made enough sacrifices. Are you ready to take charge, get the credit you deserve, and claim your piece of over $100 billion in sales?

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I have been with Anago of Dayton, Ohio for 6 years already, and I had already started my family business before I found out about Anago. But since I have become a part of the Anago family my business is growing almost faster than I can keep up with. Since the reputation of my company has grown throughout the business, my income has more than doubled from when I started. I have had such a positive experience with Anago I have already referred several people I know, and helped them start their own business as well. It is always about working together and helping each other grow. I will continue to recommend Anago of Dayton, Ohio to everyone I know looking to make more of their current company, or to get started with their own. The possibilities are endless.

Eduardo Castillo, Dayton, OH (September 2008)