10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Franchise Today

Each year the commercial cleaning industry generates $100 billion in annual sales in the U.S. alone. There is an unprecedented demand for cleaning services! At Anago, we provide more than just the opportunity to own your own business in an in-demand, recession-resistant industry. We provide the support you need to maximize your success.

1. Anago Provides You with the Knowledge You Need

Anago provides comprehensive training on all aspects of commercial cleaning and entrepreneurship. We will ensure that you fully understand everything you need to know in order to deliver world-class cleaning services and to operate a successful business. No previous janitorial or entrepreneurial experience is necessary.

2. Anago Lets You Start Your Business for Only $2,425

You can start your business today for as little as $2,425. Anago also offers multiple franchising options, allowing you to make payments during your orientation and as you begin to take on clients.


3. Anago Will Provide You with Guaranteed Business

You can have peace of mind knowing that you will have a steady stream of income right from the start. Anago will provide you with guaranteed business that is entirely yours to grow. In fact, franchisees who deliver exceptional customer service and continue their education are able to grow their business without ever spending a dollar beyond their initial payment and the cost of supplies.

4. Anago Provides On-Going Administrative Support

Administrative tasks are not only tedious and time-consuming, they also reduce your productivity. Our regional offices will handle most of your billing and collection, contracts, and client acquisition so that you can focus on delivering the highest quality of janitorial services to our clients.

5. Anago Will Handle Your Marketing

Marketing, while time-consuming and expensive, has long been understood as a necessary component of running a successful business. In today's digital world, the stakes have been raised by online marketing. Anago will not only remove this barrier to success for you, but will ensure that you have every competitive advantage you need to thrive.


It's about time you become your own boss. You've put in the hard work. You've made enough sacrifices. Are you ready to take charge, get the credit you deserve, and claim your piece of over $100 billion in sales?

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6. Anago Provides Experienced Coaches

The name "Anago" is derived from the Greek Latin term "anagoge", meaning to guide or uplift. True to our name, we will not only provide you with a proven model of success but also give you the personalized attention you need in order to make the most of it. With Anago, you can run your business with confidence.

7. Anago Provides Opportunities

Anago provides a range of commercial cleaning services for businesses representing every type of industry. This diversity not only makes Anago one of the most interesting cleaning opportunities available, but it also provides resistance against recessions. There will also be a demand for our work.

8. Anago Provides a Brand that Businesses Trust

Anago serves some of the most recognized companies in the U.S. for a reason. Companies recognize us as a cleaning in all aspects of commercial cleaning. The trust we have earned is reflected in part by the many awards we have received. We are proud to be recognized, in particular, as one of the top franchises for minorities by the National Minority Initiative as well as one of the top franchise opportunities for veterans by numerous organizations.

9. Anago Provides a Brand that Clients Trust

The brand you associate yourself with matters. At Anago, we are proud to provide a reputation that is spotless. When clients need commercial cleaning, they know exactly where to turn.

10. Anago Provides Proven Success

The truth of the matter is that 95% of new, non-franchised businesses fail. Anago not only provides a model for success in one of the most profitable industries today, but this model has been proven by the success of our franchisees.