5 Reasons Why A Cleaning Franchise is a Solid Investment

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own business, you’ve probably heard about franchising. If you haven’t, listen up:

Franchising is the middle option between starting a new business from scratch and buying out an existing business. When you franchise, you buy a license to operate (in our case) an Anago franchise. You pay an initial franchising fee on top of a royalty off your revenue in exchange for training, organizing, and marketing help. After that, you’re a bonafide business owner, albeit with some help.

Those looking at investing in their own business should really consider an Anago franchise, especially those who had already set their hearts on some type of cleaning franchise.

Though there aren’t any hard statistics on just how much more successful franchises are than regular new businesses (the oft-mentioned 95% statistic is bogus), a cleaning franchise is a solid investment. Here’s why:

The Cleaning Market is Stable

Cleaning falls under an important category of services: time savers. If a business had to dedicate an employee to cleaning up around the office, that employee would spend almost all of their day cleaning, costing the company money through lost productivity. That would be unrealistic, which is why almost every office out there has professional cleaners come and take care of the job for them. Saving time is one of the most valuable things that a business can do for its clients, and cleaning services are one of the time-saviest businesses out there.

Even though recessions and depressions affect cleaning services the same as any other business, cleaning services are likely to stay on the payroll in tough times. Even if layoffs are occurring, the office still needs to be clean, else productivity and morale will suffer. It’s common for businesses to reduce cleaning frequency in tough times, but it’s uncommon for them to cut off services altogether.

Plus, there are businesses (like restaurants and hospitals) that completely depend on cleanliness or else they could not operate. As long as those are around, so will janitorial services.

You Get a Lot of Repeat Business

Anago’s one-time cleaning services are a popular choice for businesses wanting to vet their cleaners before they commit to a more regular contract. But most of your revenue stream will come from repeat customers.

Luckily for cleaners, dirt and gunk accumulates pretty regularly on its own. What’s spotless one week is dull and dusty the next. So if you’re going to get hired to clean, there’s really no reason why a company wouldn’t keep you in there for the long haul unless you violate their trust.

So as long as you take care of your clients, they’ll take care of you with their patronage!

You Get a Proven System and Reputation

We touched on this before, but the single most important thing when it comes business is trust. As the saying goes, “people do business with people they know, like, and trust.” Cleaning in particular is an especially trust-based industry. Think about it: few other services require that its employees have access to your home or business whether you’re there or not. If you started your own business and some bad employees got caught stealing, your business would harbor a bad reputation that it might never recover from.

With Anago, however, you will inherit a business model and brand name that has been proven successful over time. A quick Google of “Anago” will show all the good things our clients and employees have had to say about our business.

In addition, you get access to Anago’s training system. If you started your own business from scratch, you would have to figure out how to run the business and on how to train your cleaners! With an Anago franchise, your franchise fee covers comprehensive training on all aspects of commercial cleaning and entrepreneurship.

You Don’t Need Experience (And Neither Do Your Employees)

Because of the training mentioned above, you don’t need previous experience owning a business to make it as an Anago franchisee. We will provide you with excellent training and ongoing administrative support every step of the way.

Plus, cleaning is a low-qualification job, meaning that finding and vetting employees will be much easier than in more specialized industries.

You Can Get Started With Little Capital

Anago franchises offer flexible payment plans with competitive rates. You only need $2,425 to start your business. We offer multiple options and let you pay the $2,425 in installments are you progress through orientation and begin to take on clients.

You won’t find a more affordable franchise fee anywhere, and your earning potential is literally endless!

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If you think a franchise could be right for you, read more about the benefits of starting an Anago franchise or fill out an application today.

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