Janitorial Franchise Opportunities: A Clean Sweep to Success

Over the past decade, the cleaning industry has grown an average of 6.6% each year, making it one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Just in 2015, there were approximately 875,000 cleaning businesses employing 3.5 million people. You don’t have to look far, though, to understand the industry’s aggressive growth – janitorial services are in high demand.

Consider this: the cleaning industry is one of the most diverse industries in all of business. It can roughly be divided into residential cleaning, commercial janitorial services, laundry/dry cleaning services, and specialty cleaning. Out of all of these categories, however, janitorial services have the highest demand by far, accounting for approximately 31% of the industry’s total revenue. That’s an estimated $155 billion globally each year! But, really, it just comes down to common sense. As long as there are businesses – whether in commercial, retail, hospitality, or any sector you can think of – cleaning services will be in demand.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the commercial cleaning industry offers one of the best franchise opportunities available. Not only do they offer all of the traditional benefits of a franchise, but cleaning companies, in particular, provide outstanding growth potential and an inherent resistance against recessions. But, most importantly, they are one of the few franchise opportunities that provide just that: an opportunity.

While many industries require large, upfront investments – and, in many cases, an additional cost of maintaining a brick and mortar location – the cleaning industry has the fewest barriers when it comes to not only starting your business but growing it as well. In fact, you likely already have everything you need to start a business with Anago Cleaning Systems. That means you could start as early as today! See for yourself—here’s just how easy it is to start an Anago franchise.

What You Need to Start an Anago Franchise

#1. An Initial Down Payment

Anago Cleaning Systems provides the opportunity to start your business with only a small down payment of $2,425. In fact, you have the option to pay in full or finance it with regular payments as you complete your training and start taking on clients.

#2. Your Own Vehicle

Whether you own a sedan, truck, van, or SUV, as long as you have your own reliable transportation that can carry your supplies, you have the right type of vehicle. Owning or renting a specific make or model of vehicle is never required.

#3. An Entrepreneurial Spirit

One of the major benefits of owning a franchise, of course, is purchasing a proven system. However, true to our name – which is derived from the Greek-Latin term “anagogue” – we take it a step further and guide our franchisees to success. From day one, we provide in-depth training on not only all matters of cleaning but also starting and running your business. In short, you don’t need to have either prior janitorial or entrepreneurial experience. All you need is a passion for learning, hard work, and providing world-class service to clients.

Here’s How to Start

Perhaps the only part easier than gathering what you need to start your business is actually starting your business.

Step 1: Call Us or Fill Out a Short Form

To start your journey towards success, simply call us for more information about our opportunities. This is a free, no-obligation phone call and members of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Greater Cincinnati: (513) 332-0341

Northern Kentucky: (859) 594-9464

Dayton: (937) 419-1361

Columbus: (614) 896-2795

Indianapolis: (317) 875-1321


You can also fill out a short form with your basic information and we will reach out to you at your earliest convenience.

Step 2: Come in for a Presentation

Next, you will meet with the Regional Sales Director at the Anago office that is closest to you for a free, in-depth presentation. This presentation will outline what you can expect when owning your own business, working in the commercial cleaning industry, and being a member of the Anago team. Specific topics include:

  • Anago’s goal of providing world class cleaning services and customer service.
  • Current janitorial business opportunities and growth potential within your market.
  • Our comprehensive array of on-going support services to help you start, run, and grow your business.
  • Next steps for financing and orientation.

 Step 3: Follow-Up

After your visit, you will have time to think more about what you have learned and to decide if Anago Cleaning Systems is the right fit for your goals.  To move forward, all you need to do is follow up with our team.

Are You Ready to Start Your Business?

No one can deny that janitorial services is one of the fast growing, most lucrative industries that exist today and will remain so long into the foreseeable future. The financial advantage of working in commercial cleaning are only made better, of course, by the pride—and perks—of being your own boss. It almost goes without saying, then, that purchasing a cleaning franchise is a smart financial and personal decision.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway, though, is this: not only is there a lot of success to be had in starting a cleaning business, there’s also very little stopping you from achieving it. As illustrated above, you could even start an Anago franchise easier than most people realize.

If you have the will, we’ll show you the way. At Anago Cleaning Systems, it’s the very principle behind our name and it’s reflected in just how easy we make it to start your business. We’re ready. Are you?

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