Kentucky Business Owners Buzzing About Anago Cleaning Franchises

Kentucky business owners are ecstatic about the unlimited opportunity for growth and earning potential to be found with a janitorial franchise from Anago Cleaning Systems. Since 1991, Anago has been a leader in the cleaning franchise industry. We provide your Northern Kentucky franchisees with everything they need to succeed in their respective markets, including the following.

1. Comprehensive orientation
During our intensive orientation, you will be given all of the knowledge you need to successfully run your cleaning franchise. Learn how to clean various commercial locations, observe best practices for cleaning up tough stains, see demonstrations of cleaning equipment and solution pouring, and so much more. You’ll feel confident to start your business after our orientation.

2. Supplies and equipment
Anago Cleaning Systems provides Northern Kentucky janitorial franchise owners with a fully stocked cleaning supplies package at no extra cost. As soon as you sign up for a commercial cleaning franchise, you’ll be provided with all of the equipment and cleaning solutions you need to start earning income with no extra out-of-pocket costs.

3. Guaranteed initial cleaning contracts
Hit the ground running with guaranteed initial cleaning contracts when you sign up for a janitorial franchise with Anago Cleaning Systems. Start earning income immediately following your orientation!

4. Financing and insurance
Do you want to start a janitorial franchise in Kentucky, but do not have the capital to cover start-up costs? We can help you finance the costs for starting your cleaning franchise, as well as any additional costs that may pop up throughout our business’s operation. In addition, Anago Cleaning Systems provides your business with the insurance and bonding protection you need from the start.

5. Sales and marketing support
In addition to the contracts you are guaranteed when starting your business, Anago Cleaning Systems also provides promotional materials, t-shirts, brochures, and more to take your janitorial franchise to the next level. Take advantage of the marketing methods proven to work without having to worry about trial and error or wasting money on sales tactics that don’t work!

6. Administrative and operational support
Have a question about how to best use our cleaning supplies or solutions? Need help with billing or collections? Anago Cleaning Systems’ regional office in the Greater Cincinnati/Dayton area is ready to answer any questions you may have and provide additional support and resources.

To start your own cleaning franchise in Northern Kentucky, contact us today!

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